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People are often scared of cooking fish, with the result being over cooked. You have to keep in mind the thickness of the fish whether it be fillet or whole fish. Usually I test the thickest part of the fillet with a fork or knife and if it falls away easily, its cooked.



COOCH`S RECIPE a favorite on FV RUBY


Barramundi cut into bite size pieces or slightly larger

Plain flour

Curry powder

Juice of fresh lemons or limes

sweet chilli sauce

Oil for frying


Place one cup of plain flour and 3 dessertspoons of curry powder in a plastic bag, place fish in bag and shake until covered

Shallow fry in oil, both sides until cooked. Set fish aside.

Drain oil and place in pan 50/50 mix of the juice and sweet chilli sauce. Simmer, stir till thickened and serve with fish.



LISA`S QUICK FISH so simple in a microwave


Barramundi or king salmon fillets

Knob of butter

splash of soy sauce (salt reduced best)

fresh ginger in slithers or grated

shredded kaffir lime leaves



Place fillets in microwave dish

dot each fillet with a little butter

small splash of soy over each fillet

sprinkle ginger and kaffir lime leaves over fillets

Cover and place in microwave on high for 5 minutes

Remove and check if cooked

May need 1-11/2 minutes longer depending on thickness of fillets.





This cut of the fish is the sweetest often being referred to as the lamb shanks of the sea. Arnhem Fisheries de scales the wings as people are often deterred by the scales.

This versatile cut can be marinated and barbecued on a HOT barbecue

Dusted in flour and deep fried, or coated in batter and either deep or shallow fried. Serve with sweet chilli, sweet soy or your favourite condiment. Or simply delicious a la natural.








Arnhem Fisheries takes all the hard work out of this delicious dish. All the scales have been removed and each fillet is individually wrapped for your convenience.

The trick to this dish is to have the skin as dry as possible. Absorb the moisture from the fillet with paper towel, keep patting the fillet until dry.

Coat the skin side of the fillet with plain or cornflour.

Add oil to a VERY HOT pan and place the skin side down until it is brown and crispy.

Turn down the heat, turn fillet until its cooked.



For any more recipes/ideas I can thoroughly recommend a great cook book called DINNER WITH THE FISHER WIFE , written by Rachel McGlashan. I purchased the book in Nhulunbuy so i am sure its widely available. Rachel`s recipes are simple and delicious. 

Some Recipes and tips are coming soon...



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